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 247PT is a platform, where any fitness orientated enthusiast who needs guidance to achieve the desired Wellness and Fitness Goal, will find a solution for any budget and location. 

Step 1: Become a member.  

Choose from any of the 247PT membership plans and fill in all the details required to sign up. After successful payment for your membership plan, your account will be created automatically, and a confirmation email will be sent to you.   

Follow the instructions to activate your account. Follow the link sent to your email to create a password for your 247 PT account. Use your email and password you created above to login to the 247PT website portal here: 247PT.virtuagym.com You can also download our free mobile application on the App store and Google Play Store  


Step 2: After logging in, fill out your personal details as you will be guided. After this you will have access to hundreds of programs designed to help you achieve your fitness goal.   

All programs are made depending on fitness goals and levels, be sure to choose the right combination for you to get the perfect workout 


Step 3: If additional help or customization is required, you can book a personal trainer from our website. Please see all listed personal trainers here. 

Access to all basic workout programs, and your personal profile 

This is plan unlocks all features of 247 PT App (everything in 247 PT Basic, plus): 

  • Video on Demand 
  • Unlimited goals & progress tracking 
  • Add your own activities. 
  • More workout plans & print option. 
  • Workout Plan Creator 
  • Advanced Nutrition System 
  • Full Privacy Options 
  • PRO Picture Frame 
  • Full Support for Connected Devices 
  • No third-party advertising on website 
  • Access to all Listed Personal Trainers' Services 

247PT Premium is a promotional package with all features in 247 PT Pro plus Online PT with Vali for the duration chosen. 

(Please see terms and conditions regarding this offer here) 

Absolutely, we encourage members to upgrade to take full advantage of our PRO features, which are great value for the price.  

You can upgrade to PRO here. 

Unfortunately, you cannot upgrade to 247 PT Premium. This package is a promotional offer only. 

Please visit our memberships page and browse through the different options and features and choose the best option for you  

 We believe every fitness enthusiast deserves expert ( Personal Training - PT) Guidance regardless of his or her budget, schedule, location or resources. 

With 247 PT, you will be able to workout anytime, anywhere with or without equipment with the any type of guidance: In Person PT, Virtual PT or Online PT (visit the trainers page for more information). 

You will be able to: 

- manage your workouts, track your progress and acquire the skills and knowledge necessary sustain on healthy, energetic lifestyle 

-Socialize and interact with Trainers or similar goal orientated individuals 

-manage bookings for personal training sessions having the security that the trainer would be paid only after the session is successfully conducted. 

To gain access to 247 PT you need to be at least a Basic member. 

You do not need a gym subscription to become a 247 PT member. However, you get complementary free 247PT access with any of V Fitness club memberships.  

Absolutely, we have hundreds of workouts designed for members without equipment.  

You’re never too old to work on yourself. We have many programs for all age groups to help you stay fit and healthy. However, please have a look at our Minors policy for some things you might want to put into consideration. 

We have a nutrition app to help you track your food habits. Use the same login credentials for 247 PT to access your nutrition App.  If you require expert help, you can book a nutritionist to help you manage your nutrition.  

Absolutely! with 247 PT, you can manage your workouts from anywhere. 

Our programs are designed depending on a client’s goal and fitness level. We have workouts from novice to expert covering any goal related with Wellness and Fitness.  

We have training plans tailored to cater for advanced and expert members to help them improve their workouts. We always update the 247 PT app with programs weekly to enhance your workouts.  

In case you have any training strategies and programs you want as examples, send us your suggestions here or in the 247 PT App and we will create them for you. 

We have training plans tailored to cater for advanced and expert members to help them improve their workouts. We always update the 247 PT app with programs to enhance your workouts.  

In case you have any training strategies and programs you want as examples, send us your suggestions HERE or in the 247 PT App and will create them for you.  

You can become a 247 PT member regardless of your location. 

Our customer service support team will notify you a month before to find out if you would like to renew or end your subscription. 

You do not need a personal trainer to use the 247 PT App. 

247 PT is designed to help you create and manage your workouts on your own. However, in case you need more help we have personal trainers on our website. Please see all their profiles here and choose one perfect for your goals and budget. 

We highly recommend the PRO plan for the ultimate 247PT experience, but in case you do not need all the PRO features, 247PT basic is a great option too. 

Unfortunately, we do not have for 247 PT family membership.  

However, you can find training Programs designed for families. We promote Fitness as tool to increase and strengthen family relationships.  

Absolutely! However, please note that 247 PT Workouts are customized and linked with an individual profile taking into consideration Goals and Physical characteristics which generates Plans for that profile only.  

We don’t recommend family members with different profile characteristics to follow in this case. 

No. Just costs involved in laundry expenses, if you sweet enough, of course 

Please read full description of cancellations and refund policy here. 

You can silence a notification on an app or delete an automated email; you can’t do the same to your REAL Trainer that genuinely cares! Let’s face it, nothing beats working out in person with your Trainer there to guide you, but if that’s not possible then our online training option is the best solution! Your Trainer will know if you skip a workout or don’t perform the exercises to the best of your ability, and they will follow up on you! 

At 247PT, your Online Personal Training program will be as unique as you are. Your program will be 100% designed for YOU and YOUR unique goals and requirements. 

The sky is the limit! You can expect the same results as you would with in person Personal Training. Our clients get more results from less time with us than anywhere else. However, we believe it’s all the little things on top of achieving these goals that make the difference. 

247 PT will help you in all aspects to be more efficient as a Personal Trainer by minimizing the time spent on creating programs and managing clients.  

With our platform, we will also help you to; 

  • create the right profile to reflect your abilities. 
  • market your profile and work results through appropriate channels  
  • manage bookings in a time efficient way for you and your clients. 
  • create a Custom Training Program Template which with minimum modifications you can assign to multiple clients.   
  • generate a calendar, emails and in-App notifications for you and your clients. 
  • provide affordable Professional Development. 
  • support your progression to the Personal Trainer you aspire to become. 

Please submit your application here, our team will be in touch with you once you are shortlisted. 

Please visit our help center for a detailed breakdown of how our 247 PT – Trainer partnership works.   

You can join 247 PT as a trainer with or without clients. We will provide you with a tool to help you manage both your existing and new clients efficiently.  

You do not have to be based in UAE to join 247 PT as a trainer. We provide a platform for personal trainers from all over the world to train and manage clients on a larger scale in the most efficient way possible. 

All 247 PT Trainers pay a small monthly administrative fee depending on the nature of their partnership with 247 PT. Please visit the trainer page for more information trainer partnerships.  

To be a listed as a 247 PT Personal trainer, you must have a Diploma in Personal Training and Reps attested 

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