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As a fitness center, you  will gain access to a number of great resources that will help you manage your facility with our custom software. You will be able to design programs for your members and easily assign them

A great platform for Fitness Centers

You benefit from a wide range of valuable tools and resources as a 247 PT Fitness center partner which will help you effectively manage your facility and  build long-term customer relationships, and maximise your recurring revenue streams.

why join 247 PT as a Fitness center?

Digitize your business

Digitize your operations to embrace the future of fitness and provide members with a full suite of virtual offerings.

More member touchpoints

Preserve your community by creating challenges and training/nutrition plans within your own custom app.

Boost your Revenue

Use our customized app to create new revenue streams, and test out new ideas using built-in and freemium models.

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frequently asked questions

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We create a custom club  profile for your Fitness facility where your club can design programs for your members and assign them easily.

You will also be able to manage your facility with our software 

Your clients will be able to track their progress  in real time.

Your club profile  and programs will have your own branding as well.

247PT provides you with a tool that will make your life as a personal trainer easy. You will be able to manage multiple clients and design hundreds of programs in a fraction of the time you would with 

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