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Create virtual challenges and offer rewards in the form of medals, badges, or even physical rewards, to increase engagement and member motivation
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Motivate your clients

A good customer experience generally means that members are motivated and reach their goals in a positive club environment. You can stimulate all these factors with 247PT’s challenge and reward system software.

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Create Engaging Fitness Challenges

With 247PT’s Fitness Challenge and Reward software, you can also add a bit of fun and play to your services. Award points for every healthy action your clients log in their mobile app, and share the results on leaderboards to stimulate friendly competition. You can also incorporate wearables and exergaming to implement challenges and competitions.

All the Fitness Challenge and Reward Features

Discover all our Fitness Challenges and Reward features that will drive engagement

Set Goals

Let your clients set their own goals. With dozens of challenge types, from body metrics to performance, the options are endless.

Group Challenges

Have clients work towards common goals to create a community feeling which increases retention rates.


Your top-performing clients will get eternal fame when your other clients see them shine at the top of the leaderboard.


By reaching goals and completing challenges, your clients will automatically be rewarded with virtual rewards.

Social Sharing

After reaching a goal or completing a challenge, your clients can share their results on social media a great tool for lead generation.

Integration with activity trackers

Expand your brand beyond your client base and create challenges that leverage the integration with wearables, like “10,000 steps a day” challenges.

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